Monday, June 16, 2014

An Introduction to this Blog

Allow me to give a brief introduction to this blog and what it will be about.

What is this blog about?

Get Education Free is a blog dedicated to helping you find sites and places to receive free education.

What is the goal of this blog?

Recently, thanks to the internet, people are helping each other out - setting up lectures, writing detailed tutorials, even creating complete classes, and the goal of this website is to find all of these sites, apps, whatever they may be, and to give detailed reviews and links to them.  Eventually, I hope for the average eager learner to go onto this blog, think, "I'd like to learn about [subject] today," and through organized tags be able to find at least a few links that can help them learn, for free.

Who are you?

I'm Haley.  I'm currently a college student majoring in mechanical engineering.  While I'm not poor by any means, I'm not exactly swimming in money either, so if I can find a way to learn for free, I will.  Right now my focuses are on learning different languages, both natural and computer.

How often will you update this?

Well, this blog will probably update extremely irregularly until September 2014.  After that, you should expect an update every other Wednesday.

What is the format of each post?

It will depend.  I aim for full reviews of each site, and detailed posts on how to use these sites.  However, it's not reasonable for me to fully explore every site and app I review, so some posts will be short collections of sites, categorizing them appropriately.

I hope to write more soon.

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